Sub Ki Sex Story


MERA NAAM MANVI HAI AUR MAI AAPKE LIA AASE HI AACHE AACHE PARTS LATI RAHUNGI SO STAY TUNED AUR MAI TRY KARUNGI KI HAR HAFTE EK PART POST KARU💦💦 AND YES MAI ABHI RECENT ME 18YR KI HUI HU AND MERI FANTASY HAI HEAVY LOADED FUCK KI SO AAP LOG MUJHE MAIL KAR SAKTE HAI APNE LUND KI PIC AGAR MUJHE AACHA LAGA TO HUM BAATE KAR SAKTE HAI MAIL-viv01mit@gmail.com One day after a tiring day of avneet, she though of having sex but due to her breakup last week only feel very lonely but suddenly though of booking a guy to fuck her and so just created a account online to have a fuck with her. After some time she got a message in which one guy was interested in fucking her but he was thinking that this is a fake profile and any other avneet will come but as he was to espirate to fuck anyone and was also getting paid a sum of 500000 rupees by avneet so why would he say "no". and so asked her to come at skyheaven royal palace in outskirts of mumbai so that no one can catch them up and there he had booked a seaview room as royality was to be provided as she was paying 500000 cashhh to him. AT 10om she reached there and went to room number 1504 as said in the message and after ringing the bell she stood up there at the door waiting for the entry. As soon as bell rang the man (named Rahul ) opened the door, thinking of a girl with not a good figure nor face but as soon as he saw avneet remained in shock as she was his dream girl who he want to fuck from the last 8 years from the very first time he saw her in the tv serial when he saw her,he can't believe his eyes but after sometime welcomed her and then they both sat on the chair and had a good talk for 30minutes but after that avneet asked him to start the thing for which they have met(sex) then Rahul stand up and go back of avneet and slowly started taking out her top from the sleeves and then he took off her top. At this move avneet stopped him and said to do a forced sex and in exchange she will pay 1100000 to Rahul. rahul on this was stocked and became exited because her dream sex girl was asking to do a foced sex roleplay with her. As he was a playboy so he was having all the banging material with him so brought out and pushed out avneet half naked as her top was already off her body on the bed. He also jumped on her to fuck her and then he strip off her bra from her body and found two large boobs of 38 size which were trapped in that small size bra and were totally being squeezed in it.as soon as boobs we realeased from bra they become huge and were looking very much juicy so he started licking her boobs to drink her milk from that large avneet's milk factory(personal) and on this avneet started moaning ahahhhh..yes suck it babe suck these rahut ahhhhh.suck..suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.aahhhhhhhhHAHAHAHAAHAHahhahhahahahahahaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......................................... after licking her boobs for 1hr he realesed her boobs from his hands and his mouth to make her refreshed. To be continued only if a good response will be seen............................

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